What should you do while waiting for the ambulance to arrive?

If it is safe to do so, try and assist with first aid. This could make the difference between life and death for the patient. Hands-only CPR is the most effective lifesaving tool that can be utilized for a sudden cardiac arrest, for example. Do not put the phone down so that the EMS dispatchers can give you advice over the phone on how to assist in an emergency. After giving dispatch all the requested information, remember to return to the sick or injured patient and continue giving first aid. It is also advisable to assist in making sure that the ambulance personnel have uninterrupted access to the emergency scene and the patient if it is safe to do so. Please prepare for the arrival of medical personnel by locking up animals, opening doors, clearing access, and turning on lights. If the condition of the patient changes, for better or for worse, advise the Emergency Dispatch Center of the changes by calling them back.

Remember, offering first aid and calling for help is the responsibility of every resident of the Country.